Carpatho-Rusyn Consortium leaders meet in Washington, D.C.

Consortium meeting participants. Back row, from left: Lubomir Medjesi, Rusyn-Saskatchewan Ruthenian Culture Association and consortium co-chair; Paul R. Magocsi, Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center; Paul Best, Lemko Association; Richard Custer, consortium communications officer; John Righetti, Carpatho-Rusyn Society. Front row, from left: Karen Varian, Rusin Association of Minnesota and consortium co-chair; Elaine Rusinko, World Academy of Rusyn Culture; Patricia Krafcik, Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center; Mikulaš Popovič, consortium advisor.

Leaders of Carpatho-Rusyn cultural organizations in the United States and Canada belonging to the Carpatho-Rusyn Consortium of North America met in Washington, D.C., on November 17, 2011. The group's monthly meeting, usually conducted by teleconference, was held for the first time in person. The historic gathering took place in conjunction with the 43rd Annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES - formerly AAASS).

The meeting began with introductions of the co-chairpersons for the U.S. and Canada, the Consortium members (representing six organizations), as well as the communications officer and project consultants. Professor Paul R. Magocsi of the Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center then gave a brief synopsis of the history of Carpatho-Rusyn cultural organizations in North America and past attempts to promote cooperation between them. The remainder of the agenda consisted of discussion of current issues being worked on by the Consortium and new business.

Issues discussed included:

  • A proposal that the Consortium establish a process to obtain financial assistance for the preservation of Carpatho-Rusyn art, and to promote Carpatho-Rusyn artists in North America. Additionally, a gallery should be established for the ongoing exhibition of such art, perhaps at the National Carpatho-Rusyn Cultural & Educational Center near Pittsburgh, Pa.;
  • Strategy and issues to raise during future embassy visits to discuss issues of concern related to Carpatho-Rusyns in various countries;
  • Promotional support and other fundraising activities for the Studium Carpato-Ruthenorum – the Third Annual International Summer School in Rusyn Language and Culture to take place at Prešov University in Prešov, Slovakia, from June 10 to July 1, 2012;
  • The Consortium's relationship to the World Council of Rusyns.

Members of consituent Carpatho-Rusyn organizations were also in attendance as observers.




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